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Hot Work Permit 2-Part Tag: Warning Hot Work Permit, Hot Work In Progress, Watch For Fire  (TG-2252) Learn More...

Part# TG-2252
Color Black
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Give proper notice to employees that Hot Work is in progress with this Hot Work Permit. 2-part carbon copy tag allows you to record job information and go through the precaution checklist, while creating duplicate copies: 1 for the job site and 1 for the office.

  • Fill out hot work progress recording site specifics and checking off required tasks. Tear off carbon-copy and sign off on the cardstock hard copy when job is completed.
  • Available with and without wires.
  • Select your starting number from the drop selection or enter your own. Numbering will be sequential and can be up to 6 digits long.
  • Looking to add your company name or logo? Check out our Custom Hot Work Permit.
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  • 9.75" x 5.5"
  • Carbon + Cardstock
  • 2-Part Hot Work Permit (No Attachment)
  • 2-Part Hot Work Permit (Wired)
2-Part Hot Work Permit (No Attachment)
The surface material is receptive to inks. May 19
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  • Made of 10pt fluorescent cardstock and a carbon copy top sheet.
  • Sequentially numbered in 2 spots. Choose starting number.
  • 1/4" reinforced fiber patch for extra pull strength.
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Size:9.75" x 5.5"
Material:2-Part Hot Work Permit (No Attachment)
25 Tags/Pack
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