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Your Inspection is about to get better – Find the best pricing online for a comprehensive selection of materials and messages that you need for your inspection department. Choose from multi-part tags, pre-numbered tags or custom inspection tags. Inspection ID has never been more important, and training budgets are only getting larger. Don't let your inspection tag be your weak link! We have sold millions of inspection tags and labels, and know which tags stand up to the rigors of the field.
  • • We know which inspection tags are easier to complete and have a greater chance for compliance.
  • • Our tough tags have reinforced eyelets and a resilient, writeable surface.
  • • For more information, visit our - Inspection Tags FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which material do you use for inspection tags?


We make our inspection tags using quality paper and plastic materials, thereby giving you a host of economical and durable options to explore. Choose from manila and cardstock tags, or go for sealed plastic and vinyl options. Self-laminating tags with a protective clear laminating flap are also available.

Q. What are 5S Red Tags?


5S Red Tags are a range of tagging devices designed to help you execute the five essential criteria — sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain. These tags work perfectly to eliminate clutter and create a tidy, well-organized work area with all the essentials readily accessible. 

5S red tags are printed on both sides, come with 12” long galvanized steel wires, and are available in jumbo 3.25” x 7” and standard 3.375” x 5.875” sizes. 

Q. Is there any option if I want to keep a record of the inspection tags used?


Yes, there is. You may opt for our multi-part inspection tags that let you keep a copy for your records. These are available in perforated and multi-layered formats and cardstock and vinyl material choices. The tags carry identification numbers for easy tracking. You may use a pencil, pen, or marker to write in your maintenance and inspection details directly on each tag.

Q. Do you offer storage boxes with inspection tags?


While we do not offer storage boxes separately, we do provide Tags-on-a-Roll inspection tags that come in a convenient dispenser box. The box contains the tags in a roll and you may simply just pull out a tag as required. All the individual tags in the roll have reinforced eyelets to facilitate hassle-free hanging. 

Some of our inspection tags are also available with a Take-A-Tag Dispenser. The sturdy plastic dispenser features tags connected end-to-end with perforations and has keyholes on the underside for easy mounting on walls, workstations, etc. Dispenser refills are available as well. 

Q. Is it possible to include guidelines on inspection tags?


Some of our inspection tags, such as this air mask maintenance tag, come with checklists to ensure a thorough inspection. Many of our other tags include maintenance logs, warnings, and hazard communication for better safety and protection. 

If you need something specific, you may always reach out to us at [email protected] or 800 952 1457, and our customer care team will be happy to assist you.

Q. Are there any inspection tags specific to AEDs?


We offer AED inspection tags that have a convenient checklist to remind you to examine the most crucial components of the device such as the battery, electrodes, and status indicator. These two-sided tags are available in a range of material choices to suit your specific needs or environment. Choose from 4.25" x 2.125", 5.875” x 3.375”, and 8.5" x 3.75" sizes.

Q. Do you offer a discount on buying inspection tags in bulk?


Yes, we do. We offer quantity-based discounts on almost all our inspection tags. These may apply per tag or per box and can be viewed by clicking on the “view all quantity-based discounts” button visible on individual product pages.

Q. Can I pick up your inspection tags from a physical store or your production house?

This may not be possible. All our products are shipped to the provided shipping address through UPS.