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Wire Marker Books and Wire Markers

Simplify wire and cable identification with our versatile and easy-to-use wire marker books, labels and cards. Choose from letters, numbers, or a combination to achieve uniformity across your facility. These are available in a variety of configurations and materials to suit different settings and requirements.
  • • Our tear-proof wire markers can be conveniently repositioned, and the vinyl-coated cloth markers conform around even the smallest gauges.
  • • Get PocketPacks that are easy to carry and dispense or choose clip-on markers that are anti-slip. For more flexibility in marking cables and wires, opt for our write-on labels that are self-laminating and keep your writing safe.
  • • Choose affordability, quality, and convenience from the industry experts!

Best Selling Products

Sequentially numbered multi-card packs available. Choose from numeric and alphabetical markers, or go for the alphanumeric options.
0.625" High Characters
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Electrical Labels
10 Cards per Pack (360 Labels per Pack)
Electrical Labels (Letter A-Z)
25 Cards per Pack (900 Labels per Pack)
Electrical Pocket Pack Wire Marker Books
(Number 0-45)
Electrical Pocket Pack Wire Marker Books
(Number 0-9)
Electrical Pocket Pack Wire Marker Books
(0-9, L1-L2-L3 & T1-T2-T3)
Electrical Pocket Pack Wire Marker Books
(Number 1-90)

Featured Wire Marker Departments

Create custom markers with our blank self-laminating labels or benefit from the convenience of digit and letter HandyPacks.
  • Flexible and easy to use indoors or outdoors.
  • Suitable for curved surfaces as well.
  • Write-on surface facilitates customization.
  • Choose from hangtags, labels, and snap-ons.
  • Vinyl, laminated mylar, and reflective options available.
  • Explore number, letter, or mixed kits in vibrant colors.
  • Pre-printed durable plastic markers.
  • Application wand included for quick labeling.

Quick Order Wire Marker Cards & PocketPacks™

Explore solid NEMA color cards, sequentially numbered options, and digit or letter sheets sold in packs of 25.
  • Wire markers sold as individual characters.
  • Choose from numbers (0-99) and letters (A-Z).
  • All the industry standard cards and sheets.
  • Letters, Numbers & Abbreviations.
  • 55 book choices: Letters, Numbers & Variety Packs.
  • Convenient to carry and dispense; same great quality.

Wire Marker Cards

Color code wires with our peel-and-stick NEMA color cards, or choose your legends to get a complete set of solid wire markers.
  • Screen-printed markers with a rubber-based adhesive.
  • Peel-and-stick markers come in packs of 10.
  • Variety of legends for different applications.
  • Color code or sequentially mark wires.
  • Made from vinyl impregnated cotton.
  • Find solid letter cards and number cards set in sequence.

Wire Marker PocketPacks™

These convenient packs are available in various materials, sizes, and messages to meet different marking needs. Variety packs are also available.
  • Easy-to-spot bold orange vinyl labels.
  • Size, message, and material options available.
  • Variety packs with multiple stickers for multiple numbers.
  • Simply tear out a sticker and apply as required.