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Metal Tags

For resilient labels, try our metal tags. Available in a series of materials from brass tags for luggage to equipment nameplates for your heavy machinery.
  • • We offer a range of tags in a variety of sizes and materials.
  • • Tough anodized aluminum is great for asset tags, and brass tags are perfectly durable for luggage.
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  • • For more information, visit our - Metal Tags FAQs
Custom Metal Tags
From anodized aluminum to brass, we offer the widest selection of metal tags online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which metal tags are thicker - brass or aluminum?


While our Brass Tags are 40 mil (.040 inch) thick, aluminum tags are made from 50 mil anodized aluminum available in multiple shapes and colors. The anodizing process offers extra protection to the tags.

Q. What is the technology behind dead-soft metal tags?


Dead-soft metal tags are essentially Debossable Aluminum Tags. Your message can easily be hand engraved into the soft aluminum surface. The base of these tags is a 14 mil thick cardstock plus a 2 mil thick layer of aluminum on either side for a final thickness of 18 mils. Dead soft aluminum tags are writable with a marker, or even a pencil or pen. They’ve got a matte surface, so they’re easy to read and if for some reason, the ink ever washes off or fades away after a while, the message is still legible because it is engraved in the surface. These tags are resistant to water and chemical splashes, so they’re suitable for years indoors or out. The tag features a metal eyelet on top of the fiber patch for extra resilience.

Q. Are metal rim tags completely made of metal, including the colored part?


The central colored part in the metal rim tags is made of 15-point cardstock. The rim is made of 10 mil thick aluminum that securely wraps around the tag. The integration of both the materials gives the tag the required strength and rigidity. Tags are available in various sizes and colors, for facilities and individuals looking for color-coded tags. Tags can be ordered with strings attached or metal keyrings or no attachment at all. The central cardstock part is writeable. Or, you can customize the metal rim tags with your own logo, design, or text.

Q. What sort of attachment option comes with Brass metal tags?


Brass metal tags are used as luggage tags. There are two types of luggage tags that we offer:

  • Rectangular luggage tags come with a 5/8" slot and an adjustable black synthetic leather strap with a gold buckle for quick and easy attachment.
  • Oval luggage tags come with a smaller 3/8" slot and strap.

Brass Tags also come as key tags. For attachment to keys, Brass Key tags come with a sturdy brass key ring having a thickness of 1/8" and a 1" inner diameter.

Q. What is the difference between Alumiguard, Plioguard, and Sunguard metal asset tags?


Alumiguard metal asset tags are made of anodized aluminum, making them incredibly strong and durable. Graphics, barcodes, and numbers are clean, bright, and in high resolution. They’re actually etched into the aluminum, so they can’t be scratched off and they’re resistant to heat too. Tags are available in glossy and matte surfaces. Alumiguard Tags are supplied with a strong adhesive backing that is between 2 to 5 mil thick. Once applied, Alumiguard tags are nearly impossible to take off.

For specialized applications, other materials are considered, like -

Sunguard Metal Tags: These tags must be considered if you are looking for full-color logos. For more complex designs, including ones with shading, gradient, and multiple colors, Sunguard Asset Tags are the best choice. Adding logos is free. These tags are the same as Alumiguard tags but printed in four colors.

Plioguard Metal Tags are very similar to Alumiguard asset tags but are specifically made for use on curved or irregular surfaces. Plioguard tags are made of annealed aluminum which means the metal is chemically treated to make it more flexible. Use these tags on tools, posts, curved cases, and monitors, and all sorts of plastics and metals for easy barcode scanning.

Q. What is the return policy on custom metal tags?


We do not accept returns of custom products, international orders, or returns made more than 60 days after delivery. Some unusual or massive orders of stock products may be processed as custom orders and will be non-returnable.

Q. How can I get a  price quote for metal tags?


You may email us at "[email protected]" with your requirement for the tags and our team will send you the perfect quote. You may also call us on 800 952 1457 for more assistance.