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You need to keep your inventory in order. Get started with our durable range of warehouse tags and label holders. Choose from a range of sizes, colors, and styles to cure clutter at your warehouse.
  • • Aigner-brand tags are the favorite of warehouse ID insiders for shelving units.
  • • Browse space-efficient tags, stickers, and labels below for the best option for your shelves, crates, and binders.
  • • Order our affordable label holders for simple, standout messages — flexible, easy to change, and perfect for your inventory.
  • • For more information, visit our - Warehouse Tags FAQs

Best-Selling Products

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Floor Label Holder
Label Holder
Bin Clip Label Holder
Magnetic Card Holder
Moveable Shelf Label Holder
Plain Magnetic Roll, 3" wide x 50', unscored
Deck ID Label Holder
EZ Edge Label Holder Strips
1.125"x32.625 " to 1.125"x33.5"
Shelf Clip Label Holder
Slip-Strip™Label Holder
Superscan Gold® Label Holders, Magnetic
Superscan® Label Holders, Magnetic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I decide how many warehouse tag holders I need?


This will depend on the size of your warehouse and the number of racks, shelves, and bins to be identified. You may also want to consider the surface and application for these holders, which will help you decide the right type of tag/label holder for your facility. Call (800) 952-1457 to make bulk purchase orders on your warehouse tag holders; our customer services team will help you make the best choices.

Q. How durable are your holders for warehouse shelf tags and labels?

We make our warehouse shelf tag and label holders with sturdy materials, including plastic, magnet, and metal. Not only are our holders reasonably durable, but these are also reusable and can be removed and reapplied as required. Most of our warehouse tagging products are trademarked, delivering unbeatable value and durability.

Q. How are Slip·Strip™ holders different from Slip 'N Stik™ holders?


The Slip·Strip™ label holders are made of heavy-duty PVC with a clear face and an aggressive, long-lasting adhesive backing. These adhere to any clean, dry surface and can be easily cut with scissors to get the desired length. Once the holder is fixed to a surface, you may simply insert your label and replace it as required. 

On the other hand, Slip 'N Stik™ is an aisle marker kit that allows you to just snap the holder into the pallet rack assembly holes and snap it out for relocation. Should you desire a more permanent application, you may opt for the self-adhesive option. The holder also features a soft plastic hinge that lets the sign flex when bumped without breakage.

Q. Where should Shelf·Clip™ label holders be used?


Shelf·Clip™ label holders are ideal for facilities where inventory moves fast. These are non-adhesive holders that snap over shelves and can slide along the shelf length as desired. Our clip holders are perfect for offices, libraries, storerooms, and other places where items are often moved among shelving. Similar to these are our moveable shelf label holders that you may hang off your shelf edge, insert the label from the bottom, and slide the holder as required.

Q. How do your AngleVision™ label holders work?


The unique design of our AngleVision™ label holders combines a heavy-duty label holder with a flexible "C" channel snap that retrofits 1" - 1.12" diameter tubing used by major workstation manufacturers. It is made of clear plastic and is insertable as well as barcode-compatible. You may tilt the holder at any desired angle for maximum visibility and snap it off to relocate. The holder can accommodate 2" x 4" labels that can be inserted from the top.

Q. Are warehouse floor label holders available?


We offer a Floor Labeling Kit that includes a durable oval aluminum frame, 2" x 6" clear LEXAN protective insert, and four TapCon concrete screws. The aluminum frame is .125” thick and has a beveled outside edge.

Q. Do you offer magnetic label holders for warehouse racking?

Of course we do! You will find a variety of magnetic label holders, ranging from colored magnetic rolls and C-channel magnetic cardholders to magnetic sheets and rewritable labels.

Q.  What warehouse label options do you offer for wire shelves?


We have designed Wire·Rac™ label holders to suit wire shelves and racks specifically. These flexible and moveable holders clip onto any rack. You may just slide in your barcode label and replace it anytime. Our wire rack label holders can be used over and over again as your inventory changes. The unique design and rugged, clear plastic construction allow for maximum barcode scannability and long-lasting use. These holders come in a pack of 25 and fit major manufacturers' shelving with a standard 1-1/4" face.

Q. How are Open·Edge™ label holders used?


Open·Edge™ label holders feature a convenient, top-loading design ideal for organizing any storage area. These holders can be cut with scissors to get any desired length and are available in various sizes. An aggressive adhesive system assures the holder sticks to any clean, dry surface and does not fall off. Ample white paper inserts are provided with the holders that come in a pack of 50.

Q. Which type of warehouse label holders should be used for aluminum racks?


Our T·Slot Rack Label Holders make the most efficient labeling system for aluminum extrusion, modular components. These T-shaped label holders snap in and out of position easily and easily move to new locations. Made using heavy-duty clear plastic material in a no-glare, matte finish, T-slot label holders are available in two designs to fit 10/25 series products and 15/40 series products and a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your particular rack setup.

Q. Are Tri·Dex™ label holders adhesive?


No. Tri·Dex™ label holders are adhesive-free and feature a tri-fold configuration. These can be slipped into slots and the labels inserted or removed from the top.

Q. What is the difference between EconoHolder™, HOL·DEX®, and Super-Scan® label holders?


These label holders differ in how they hold the labels. Our Economic Label Holders or EconoHolder™ feature a C-channel design for label insertion and are available with adhesive and magnetic backing. HOL·DEX® label holders, on the other hand, are self-adhesive and function using a hook-and-loop mechanism. 

Super-Scan® label holders are our premium and most innovative holders that are available in all three formats - self-adhesive, magnetic, and hook-and-loop backings. You may choose the one that suits you best! These are designed for the bigger size labels and are made from sturdy matte-finished plastic to eliminate glare and improve barcode reading.

Customer Reviews

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Jul 31, 2023

Superscan® Label Holders, Magnetic : Superscan® Label Holders, 3" x 5",...
Part #:LH-0194 3" x 5" Super-Scan® Side-load Magnetic Label Holder   Verified Purchase

Great product!

Great product and super fast shipping! We have reordered several times!
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May 25, 2022

Deck ID Label Holder : PVC Deck ID Label Holder for Wire...
Part #:LH-0287 3" x 5" Deck ID Label Holder   Verified Purchase

Label Holders

Great product fast shipping!
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Jan 26, 2022

Deck ID Label Holder : PVC Deck ID Label Holder for Wire...
Part #:LH-0287 3" x 5" Deck ID Label Holder   Verified Purchase


Great item fulfilled our warehouse needs!
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Aug 09, 2019

Just what we needed!

We just received our order and these are exactly just like the current tags that we are using in our warehouse areas. The warehouse crew was excited that we were able to find the same type of product they had been using because we have been experiencing a problem with coming loose and disappearing off the racking when the bay doors are open and subject to winds coming in. We have several areas that need tags replaced so this is now the project at hand! Now we know who to reorder our supply from! Thank you.
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Aug 03, 2019

EZ Edge Label Holder Strips : Self Adhesive Shelf Edge Label...
Part #:LH-0285 1.125" x 32.625" EZ Edge Label Holder Strips   Verified Purchase

Works Perfectly!

Works perfectly! Great product!