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Engraved Tags

Keep your information intact for a longer time with engraved tags that are more durable than low quality printed tags.
  • • Choose heavy-duty plastic or sturdy anodized aluminum for your tags.
  • • Different sizes of tags ensure you find the most appropriate one for your purpose.
  • • You can order our stock engraved tags or personalize one at no extra charge.
  • • We also offer steel stamp kits with engraved letters and numbers to mark initials, codes, phrases and more.
  • • For more information, visit our - Engraved Tags FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What material are these Engraved Tags made of?


We offer Engraved Tags made of plastic and metal. Most of our engraved metal tags are made of anodized aluminum, but we also offer brass keychain tags that are diamond engraved and oxidized.

Q. Can engraved tags be customized?


Absolutely! We offer both stock and customizable engraved tags in different shapes and sizes. You may choose from metal engraved tags or plastic engraved tags, and personalize the template of your choice with our user-friendly customization wizard. Almost all types of engraved tags have custom options found on respective category pages.

Q. How do engravable blank metal tags work?


Engravable blank tags are made using annealed aluminum over a heavy cardstock core and have a soft surface that can be easily engraved. You may write on these Debossable Aluminum Tags with a pen or pencil, and the text will get debossed. It will then be readable even when the ink fades.

Q. Can I add my own text on brass keychain tags?


Yes, you can. We offer both stock and custom brass keychain tags that you may personalize to suit your needs. You may order single-sided or double-sided brass keychain tags and add information such as name and address with the help of our easy-to-follow customization wizard. You may even upload your design and get truly unique keychain tags.

Q. With which materials can your steel stamp kits be used?


You may use our steel stamp kits to mark various surfaces ranging from wood and plastic to leather and brass. These may also be used in art and craft such as woodwork, jewelry marking, leather embossing, or making invitations. Our steel stamp sets come in a durable, plastic, or steel storage container and include a holder, steel stamp selection, and blank spaces.

Q. How do I create a custom engraved sign?


We have a user-friendly design tool to help you create a custom engraved sign in no time. Just follow the simple steps to provide details such as sign size, text, font style, quantity, material, and color, and you’re done! You may also explore some of our custom engraved sign templates here and personalize one as per your requirement. Free professional customization is available as well - just give us a quick call!

Q. Do you charge extra for custom engraved tags and signs?

Absolutely not! All our design tools, customization wizard, and personal design assistance are available at no additional charges.