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I still remember the advice we were given when we started: “Tags are simple.” “No one cares about the quality of a tag.” Or, “Who cares about tags? They just get thrown out anyway.”
Well, after having sold, literally, over 500 million tags during these last 30 years, I could not disagree more. We care about tags! Whether used to inspect batches, mark inventory, or track parking permissions, tags are at the front line.
Our tags are everywhere. From our industry leading metal asset tags to our bulk packs of manila shipping tags, you can quickly see that tag market has dozens of unique applications, each with it's own special materials and designs. Yet, even though the tag market is diverse, our own success is built on sticking to the same eight simple principles:
  • Make it Easy. There are no hidden charges for artwork or plates. Our web site is free. With most orders, shipping is free. Yet, even the best web site technology fails if the user experience disappoints. Ordering a tag should require neither patience nor design skills, just simple answers to simple questions with the designs built in. Just try our online wizard and see if you agree!
  • Highest Quality Materials. Our materials are top notch. For example, our patches are 20% larger than the competitors. Our Asset tags use embedded numbering - these are not just "stamped on". Our plastic tags are loaded with UV inhibitors and outlast weather.
  • Create a Learning Environment. We know that a smart customer is a good customer. The more you know about our tags, the design options and the materials – the better! With our online help, our tutorials and our hints, you can easily become a true "Tag Expert". And, you are just a call away from contacting our own "Tag Team" experts - ready to help you select the right tag.
  • Offer Generation-Ahead Technology. Our award-winning technology has been used by companies as diverse as OfficeMax, FedEx, Staples and Grainger. Browser-based software means lightning fast design. Our tools for beginning users include spell check, automatic word wrap with shrink-to-fit / enlarge-to-fit, vertical alignment of text, and an extensive clip art library. Our product innovations have been just as significant. Our Tag-in-the-Box provides a handy way to store and dispense tags. Our customization wizard that produces a downloadable PDF of a sheet of custom tags is another breakthrough. Finally, our ability to offer digital print on aluminum hang tags is an industry first.
  • Offer Every Tag. We have been called "the Amazon of Tags". Find every material and the largest range of in stock designs online. Then, if you can’t find a good stocked tag, just design your own, using one of 100’s of templates.
  • Keep Costs Low. Never overpay again! Our focus on streamlined online ordering, together with links to the factory floor, mean that we can offer terrific pricing and service. Just compare prices.
  • Ship for Free. Orders over $25 ship for free. We don’t turn your shipping costs into our profit center – that’s not fair.
  • Track Your Order. Track your order as it marches through the factory or shipper. Reorders also are a snap. Customers keep on coming back. These one-to-one relationships build value through each order. We gain a lifetime of loyalty, and you gain an economic partner for all of your tags.
Tags are a critical link to your project's success.
The XpressTag web site mission is simple: take the guesswork out of ordering tags and put you in control.
Blair Brewster

Tag Innovations

Tag Innovations

Just pull and tear off the tags that you need. Solve the “clutter problem”. Tag-in-a-Box keeps your tags organized.

— Blair Brewster
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