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  • Plastic Tags

Plastic Tags

Durable, waterproof, tear proof and, still, affordable! We are big fans of plastic tags! Why settle for paper tags, with their weaker pull strength and vulnerability to water when plastic tags are so inexpensive and available in such a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors?

• We offer the widest selection of plastic tags online. All tags are at the guaranteed best price available on the Web.

• Start your search by glancing through the major plastic tag categories below. If you cannot find exactly the plastic tag you need, call us up. We are happy to help and have other materials that you can choose from.

• For improved durability, use our self-laminating tags. For temporary use, look at our dry-erase “write-on & wipe-off” tags.

• Other durable choices include our engraved and tear proof plastic tags.

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arrowfirst Tear Proof Plastic Tags

• Available in 6 colors, optionally prewired for convenience.

arrowfirst Engraved Plastic Tags

• Available in 3 resilient grades of plastic and 6 colors.

arrowfirst Tyvek® Tags

• Get blank and customizable options in different sizes.

arrowfirst Plastic Valve Tags

• Receptive to pen or marker.

arrowfirst Control Panel

• Design your own control panel plate in minutes.

arrowfirst Custom Plastic Tags

• Design online or upload your sketch. No charges for artwork.

arrowfirst Self-Locking & Dry Erase Tags

• Tags have a self-locking loop and notch system.

arrowfirst Lockout Tags

• Get stock or custom tag. No extra charges for artwork.

arrowfirst Self-Laminating Plastic Tags

• Seal in your writing, with the tag’s built-in self-laminating flap.

arrowfirst Laser Printable Blank Tags

• Print on laser or inkjet printer. Tags separate at perforations.

arrowfirst Inspection Tags

• Get multi-part tags, pre-numbered tags, custom inspection tags.

arrowfirst Tag-on-a-Roll

• Handy. Just snap off the tags that you need.