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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record Tags, Tags-on-a-Roll (30355)

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags, Tags-on-a-Roll
For the best selection of quick-shipping, bold designs, you've come to the right place. Our vast library of fire extinguisher tags brings you everything you need to complete a comprehensive extinguisher maintenance and inspection record. From rugged aluminum tags to our heavy-duty hole punches, we have every tool you need to get the right fire extinguisher safety system in your facility. For convenient storage and use, try our Tags-on-a-Roll tag dispensers. Each tag features a clean perforated edge, so you can grab a tag at a time, and keep the rest in a handy storage box. From affordable cardstock extinguisher tags to durable vinyl tags, we offer a variety of materials to suit the needs of your facility.

  • • We have the largest assortment of in stock fire extinguisher tags in a convenient dispenser. Find both durable plastic tags and affordable Cardstock tags.
  • • Tags-on-a-Roll makes on-the-go tagging faster and easier - keep all your extinguisher tags in one place.
  • • Punch-out aluminum tags offer the longest-lasting construction - just punch out the month for every periodic inspection.
  • • Double-sided tags feature instructions and helpful checklists for your extinguisher inspections.
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A short demo on our Tag-in-a-box tag dispensers.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record Tags, Tags-on-a-Roll (30355)

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag with Fiber Patch
2-Sided Fire Extinguisher Tag-on-a-Roll
Fire Extinguisher Recharge Reinspection Record Tag-in-a-Box
2-Sided Fire Extinguisher Tag-on-a-Roll