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  • Self-Laminating Tags

Self-Laminating Tags

For tougher tags and labels, just write, peel, and press! Your laminated tag or label is ready-to-go. You get the durability of protected graphics, but the convenience of being able to write in your own information.

• Each label or tag has a pre-attached clear polyester flap. There is no need for a special laminator. Just write in your own text and use the built-in clear laminate to seal in your writing.

• Find hundreds of designs – for inspection, LOTO, inventory and more.

• These self-laminating tags are durable. We have attached our tags on a truck’s bumper during the winter months, left them in the water tank of a factory’s toilet for over six months and subjected them to dozens of power-washings. They have passed and, importantly, remain readable and strong. No tag lasts longer.

Self-Lam Tags – Easy!
Self-Lam Tags – Easy!
No tag is more durable, flexible and affordable. Find hundreds of uses. Lots of colors, too.

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All products are self-adhesive and have a built-in self-laminating flap. Write on the label, seal in your writing and then stick the entire label to any clean surface.
arrowfirst Custom Self-Laminating Tags

• Order your own custom self-laminating tags. Just send us a sketch and we’ll handle the rest.

• Surprisingly affordable. Just a 10-tag minimum!

arrowfirst Blank Self-Laminating Tags

• All colors and lots of different shapes.

• Blank tags can be used anywhere: valve, equipment ID, keys, shipments and more!

arrowfirst Lockout Tags

• Find the web’s largest collection of self-laminating lockout tags.

• Sealing in your writing makes it hard to tamper with your vital safety instructions.

arrowfirst Inspection Tags

• Make sure that you QC and inspection records are secure.

• Self-lam tags are great for both both indoors and outside.

arrowfirst Self-Laminating Badges

• It’s easy to make your own badge. Print your own photo and stick it into the badge.

• Seal it all in… and you have a durable and professional badge.

arrowfirst Blank Labels

• Lots of different colors and sizes!

• Sticks to any clean surface.

arrowfirst Calibration Labels

• Seal and secure your inspection and QC records.

• Find over 100 different legends in stock.

arrowfirst Wrap-Around Calibration Labels

• Clear “tail” of the self-laminating label wraps around the printed portion of the label.

• Great for marking tubes and wires.