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Forklift Inspection Tags (4275)

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.178(q)(7) for powered industrial trucks requires that all forklifts be inspected daily before being placed in service or after every shift when used on an around-the-clock basis. Our popular Forklift Checklist Inspection Tags aid in confirming that every system is carefully reviewed – prior to operation.
  • • Our most popular Forklift Inspection Tags are packaged in our handy Tag-in-a-Box. Just tear off a tag and go!
  • • Pros love our forklift tag holders. It’s easy to change the forklift inspection status by switching out our modular tags.
  • • We offer the strongest eyelets or grommets on the market. Our 2 part grommet offers remarkable durability and pull strength when compared to competitors’ single piece eyelets or grommets.
  • • Tags range in thickness from 10 mil Eco-Tags to 30 mil heavy duty Sealed Plastic Tags and are reusable.
Forklift Lockout Tags
Forklift Lockout Tags
Make sure that unsafe equipment is not engaged. Forklift wheel covers are another great way to lockout your forklift.

Forklift Inspection Tags – Best Sellers (29945)

Forklift tag makes it easy to check off each system. For many designs, the inspector then initials the back for each system check.
Maintenance Record Plastic Vinyl Inspection Tag
Lubrication Record Plastic Vinyl Inspection Tag
3.25" x 6"
Forklift Inspection Record Tag-in-a-Box with Fiber Patch
6.25" x 3" (h x w)

Tag Holders for Forklift Inspection Tags (68933)

We offer two innovative tag holders. Insert any of the tags above into the holder. This shows if your forklift has met inspection tests.
Forklift Status Tag Holder
12" x 4.5" (h x w)
Do Not Use Forklift, Inspection Required Tag Holder
10" x 3.5" (h x w)

Forklift Inspection Tags - Jumbo Sized (68934)

These tags give extra room for writing.
Air Leak Instructions Tag
8.5" x 3.875" (h x w)
Two-Sided Forklift Inspection Status Tag
5.875" x 3.375" (h x w)
Forklift Inspection 2-Sided Status Tag
5.875" x 3.375" (h x w)
Scissor Lift Inspection Forklift Inspection Tag
5.875" x 3.375" (h x w)

Forklift Inspection Tags - Self Locking (99005)

Caution Put Forks Down Self-Locking Tag
11.375" x 3.375" (h x w)
Warning Vehicle Is Being Serviced Self-Locking Tag
11.375" x 3.375" (h x w)
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Oct 13, 2016

Size: 5.875" x 3.375" Material Type: Vinyl 15 mil Plastic, Eyelet   Verified Purchase


worked out great for us