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When you buy from us, you get the best quality Manila tags and Manila labels at the best price. We have the broadest range of Blank Manila Shipping Tags and Manila paper tags with string. Choose from heavyweight or standard weight Manila hang tags. Order tags with strings, pre-wired tags, or unstrung tags for use with barbs. You can even choose tags with reinforced holes and in different sizes, like our Large Hole Manila Tags and Extra Large Manila Tags.

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1Choose Tag Size: Size #5 (4¾" x 2-3/8")
2 Tag Attachment: No Attachment
3Select Pack and Material: 1000 Tags (per pack)
  • 1000 Tags/Pack
  • 10pt
  • 10pt
Jun 20
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  • The industry standard and our most affordable material.
  • Made of 10pt paper Manila-colored cardstock.
  • Reinforcing fiber patch is included. Eyelet diameter is 1/4".
  • Typical options include wiring, strings and metal eyelets.
  • Not recommended for long term outdoor use.
4 Choose Quantity:
Size: Size #5 (4¾" x 2-3/8")
Attachment: No Attachment
Material: 10pt
Qty. Per Pack 1000 Tags
Per Pack: $35.76
Total Price: $35.76

Frequently Asked Questions


The type of attachment on your tags will depend on the end-use you have for them. Below are the attachment options available with our Manila Tags, although not every attachment option is available with every size. You can also order tags without any attachment option too.

Cotton Strings - Cotton strings have a bottom loop. The string is attached to the eyelet with a loop, and the ends are loose. The standard color for strings is white. These Manila tags with strings are useful where the string has to be tied onto the application.

Wires - The 26-gauge stainless steel wire is inserted through the eyelet and twisted around with both the ends of the wire being free. Manila Tags with wires can be easily fastened to the application.

Elastic Strings - Elastic strings have a top knot and are a helpful attachment method where the tag will be hung onto its application. There is no loop in the eyelet, but the two ends of the string are tied together.

Quick view our helpful tag attachments video for more information.


Among the 10 different sizes that we offer, followingare the large-sized manila tags -

Size #8(6¼" x 3-1/8") - They come in a pack of 250 if you order them with “No attachment”.

Size #10(7¼" x 3-5/8") - These do not come in a pack of 250. They come in a pack of 100 instead.

Size #12(8" x 4") - This tag size also doesn’t come in a pack of 250. The pack size is 100 for “No attachment” and 50 for “Wire attachment”.


Manila Tags work great indoors, but if you want to use these tags outdoors, it is best to use a plastic tag pouch. Made of clear plastic, the pouch protects tags and documents from rain, water, and weather. The pouch also guards contents against spills, abuse, wear, tear, etc. 15-point Manila Shipping Tags with wires or any other attachment method are sufficiently robust for all industrial use and can be used for express shipments.


Manila Tags are available in three thickness options - 

  • - 10-point - This is the industry standard and our most affordable material.
  • - 13-point - These are heavy-weight tags that offer greater durability and stiffness. 
  • - 15-point - This thickness is only available in Large Manila Tags.

Yes. Manila tags can be customized here. Start by choosing a size from 10 different options. Printing can be on one side or both sides. Take a pick! Print color options are Black, Red, Blue, and Green; however, the tag color will be Manila only. You can add sequential numbering, opt for perforation or adhesive strip on the back, and select an attachment and eyelet option. Upload your artwork directly from your device or email/fax a sketch later. We accept artwork in all of these formats - .pdf,.eps,.cdr,.ai,.psd,.jpg,.tif,.gif,.bmp,.tif,.tiff,.jpeg,.png. You can also send any special instructions to the art and printing departments regarding your project.

Our Manila tags are extremely resilient and durable with a pull strength of 24 pounds. They are tear-proof and stay put on the tagged items under any condition. Each tag features a reinforced eyelet for extra strength to allow the wire or string to hold the tag firmly without ripping the tag when pulled. The reinforced eyelet is made up of two 10 mil thick fiber patch pieces joined together with adhesive as opposed to the 7 mil patches our competitors use.

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Jun 04, 2024

13-Pt Cardstock Manila Shipping... : Blank Tag With Fiber Patch Part #:T369-5-H-MN-250 4.75" x 2.375" Manila 13pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase


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Jan 02, 2024

13-Pt Cardstock Manila Shipping... : Blank Tag With String Part #:T369-5-S-MN 4.75" x 2.375" Manila 13pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase

Order arrived early

Arrived sooner than expected. Good quality
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May 08, 2023

10-Pt Cardstock Manila Shipping... : Blank Tag With Fiber Patch Part #:T359-3-MN 3.75" x 1.875" Manila 10pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase

Manila 10pt Cardstock Tag

Great product and fast delivery!
Feb 21, 2023

15-Pt Cardstock Manila Shipping... : Blank Tag With Fiber Patch Part #:T369-10-H-MN 7.25" x 3.625" Manila 15pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase


Just what I was looking for
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Jan 18, 2023

10-Pt Cardstock Manila Shipping... : Blank Tag With Fiber Patch Part #:T359-1-MN 2.75" x 1.375" Manila 10pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase

I will order again soon.

I love what I got and the shipping was fast.