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Crane Inspection Tags (68882)

Crane Inspection Tags
Cranes play a vital role in the construction, transport, and manufacturing industry as one of the most expensive pieces of equipment used to hoist extremely large or heavy materials both vertically and horizontally. In depth analysis of these trades shows a significant number of injuries and fatalities can be directly attributed to crane related accidents – typically amounting to thousands of dollars in equipment damage, liability and other related costs. In addition to preventative maintenance, a crane can perform safely, optimally, and economically when operated within the design parameters specified by the manufacturer. For this reason, proper daily inspection as mandated by OSHA standard 1910.179(j)(1) is both crucial and necessary to maintaining a crane’s function and value but more importantly, preventing accidents and injuries from defective equipment.
  • • Crane Inspection tags are offered in an array of materials designed to accommodate different environments and industries.
  • • Our proven tag designs help ensure proper maintenance through the use of on-the-spot checklists, eye-catchingly bright colors and bold headers, reminding to perform and be observant with your inspections.

Crane Inspection Tags (68883)

Hoist Inspected Plastic Vinyl Inspection Tag
Hoist Inspected Tag O.K. For Use
Sling Instruction Tag
Weight Of Materials And Liquids, General Sling Configuration Capacities
Equipment Inspection Self-Laminating Tag
Equipment Inspection Tag
Crane Inspection and Status Record Two-Sided Tag
Crane Inspection Tag
Inspect Unit Carefully Hoist Inspection Tag
Hoist Inspection Tag
Hoist and Crane Inspection Tag
Hoist and Crane Inspection Tag
Overhead Crane Hand Signals Tag
Overhead Crane Hand Signals Tag
Mobile Crane Hand Signals Tag
Mobile Crane Hand Signals Tag
Customer Reviews
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May 16, 2020

2-Sided Inspection Tag : Hoist Inspection Tag
Part #: TG-2179 5.875" x 3.375" Eco-Tag 10 mil Plastic, Eyelet   Verified Purchase

Hoist inspection tags

Perfect tag to meet inspection requirements. Nice to have checklist on one side and signoffs on the other.