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Plastic Tags: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are plastic tags more popular than paper tags?


Plastic tags are a popular choice as they are durable, waterproof, largely tear-proof, and rather affordable. While paper tags make a more eco-friendly option, these may not be suitable for long-term use, particularly in harsher conditions.

Both plastic tags and paper tags have their pros and cons. Your choice of material will depend on intended usage, conditions, aesthetics, and desired durability.

Q. How do plastic tags make a good choice for equipment tagging?


Compared to metal tags, plastic tags are easier to maintain and customize. These have a fairly long life, do not rust or corrode, offer good resistance to water, oil, and chemicals, and can be easily wiped to get rid of any dust or debris. Their affordability further makes people opt for plastic tags for equipment.

Q. In what ways can plastic number tags be used?


Plastic number tags find application in industries ranging from retail and hospitality to utilities, manufacturing, medical, and more. These work perfectly where sequentially numbered identification and/or organization is required. 

The availability of plastic number tags in various colors can enable easy color coding and facilitate complete inventory and asset identification. These may also be used as cost-efficient key tags, inspection tags, equipment tags and trackers, and more.

Q. Is there a limit on how many tags can be used on a product?


Multiple tags are a common occurrence and are used for different reasons. Using more than one tag may be necessary to accommodate all the required information and make it readable. Retail businesses commonly use multiple tags on a product as a branding opportunity as well as to provide product information and care instruction. 

While using several tags may seem appealing for the possibilities it presents, you should refrain from using too many tags as it may do more harm than good by coming across as wasteful and unnecessary. It may be a good idea to stick with one tag as far as possible or use two when absolutely necessary.

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