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  • Retail Pricing Tags
We understand different businesses have different tagging needs. And so we offer a huge range of stock printed tags designed to identify, organize, and track anything and everything you want!
  • • Lockout machinery for repair, mark valves, display sale price, inspect fire extinguisher and do much more with a diverse array of tags.
  • • Printed tags feature space for all the vital information such as date, name, status, numbers etc.
  • • Choose your tags from a variety of material and color options. Take your pick from Manila, Tyvek, and aluminum tags available in over 10 different colors.
  • • Printed tags are available in various shapes and come with a reinforced eyelet to easily pass a wire, string, nylon tie, beads through them.
  • • For more information, visit our - Printed Tags FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What material choices are available for printed tags?


Our printed tags are available in paper, plastic, and metal material options. You may choose from various paper tags, including recycled paper, Manila, cardstock tags, or go for plastic and Tyvek printed tags. Our range of metal printed tags includes tags made of aluminum and brass. Our printed tags are available in various formats, sizes, and colors to suit different requirements.

Q. How can I order custom printed tags in bulk?


Ordering custom printed tags in bulk is super easy with our Custom Tag Quoter. This easy-to-follow step-by-step wizard lets you choose from different types of custom cardstock, plastic, and metal tags, select details such as size, single/double-sided printing, color, and numbering, and provide artwork. You may also select if you want custom printed tags with strings or without strings or wires. Input all the details and you shall be ready to place your custom order in no time!

Q. Will I have to submit my design again if I want to reorder custom printed tags?

Not at all! Once you submit your design, we keep it in our database to facilitate quick and hassle-free reordering.

Q. What are the hanging options for your printed tags?


We offer several options for hanging your printed tags. Our galvanized wires and cotton strings can be re-fastened to tags as required, while the heavy-duty nylon tag ties can loop through most tag eyelets. You may explore these options here. You may also choose your preferred attachment on the product page while placing your order.

Q. Are the tags pre-strung?

We offer both pre-strung tags and tags without attachments. The latter gives you a choice to select the type of attachment you want to use — wires or strings.

Q. When should non-conforming tags be used?


Non-Conforming Tags are a type of printed tags meant to indicate products that do not meet the applicable statutory and regulatory conditions. These identify defective or out-of-spec materials and equipment, and may also convey whether the marked item will be repaired, reworked, scrapped, or regraded.

Q. How much shipping do you charge for printed tag orders?


We do not have a standard shipping charge. Our shipping charges depend on factors such as carrier, shipping speed, weight, and distance. You may find out the shipping cost while placing your order by clicking on the ‘Estimate shipping cost’ button. However, we do offer free standard shipping on orders above $29.95. Should you opt for three-day, two-day, or one-day express shipping, certain charges will apply irrespective of the order value.

Q. I want multiple sets of printed tags in different designs and formats. How do I go about it?

Please email us your requirement at [email protected] and our team will be happy to help you. You may also call us on 800 952 1457 for assistance.