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Aluminum Valve Tags: Frequently Asked Questions


Common Valve tags include the following- 

  • - Plumbing Valve Tags - These can be used for shut-off valves located at or near each end area such as sinks, toilets, and most industrial settings. 
  • - Water Pipe Tags - These prevent situations like someone opening a valve expecting potable water but realizing that wastewater is coming out. 
  • - Chemical Valve Tags - These tags also prevent accidental opening of valves of pipes containing mild to toxic chemicals.
  • - Temperature Based Valve Tags - These tags help you mark valves of pipes containing very hot liquids, steam, or other gasses that can cause severe burns and even death.
  • - Safety Relief Valve Tags - These tags are ideal for distinguishing safety relief valves incorporated on some over-pressurized pipes.

Valve tags are also classified based on their material:

Aluminum Valve Tags

Plastic Valve Tags

Brass Valve Tags

Steel Valve Tags

Additionally, they are sometimes also categorized based on information they carry - 

  • Identification Tags, which correspond with the valve chart
  • Instruction Tags
  • Test Tags, for valves such as backflow preventers

Color-coding valves can offer various benefits like -

Organization - In industrial settings, there can be a network of different valves and piping systems. With color-coded tags, each of the valves can have its own identity.

Visual communication - Valves can be identified just by looking at the tag’s color, which can save a lot of time wasted in valve identification. Even when anodized aluminum blanks are used, only the color will help determine whether to operate the valve or not.

Accident Prevention - Colors like red, orange, and yellow, which are often associated with danger, can mark valves controlling extremely hazardous contents. In contrast, green/blue/brown can be used for pipes/valves containing mild contents. Just the color of the valve tag can be a great life-saver and improve safety at times.


There are many advantages like - 

Durability - Aluminum valve tags last at least 20 years outdoors. 

Outdoor Application - 50 mil thick aluminum tags are UV and weather-resistant, ideal for harsh environments outdoors.

Wear-resistance - Anodized aluminum tags resist scratching and corrosion. Unlike plastic tags, anodized aluminum withstands weather, water, chemicals, heat, and pitting, and the text remains visible for a longer time.

Temperature Resistance - Aluminum tags can handle very hot and very cold temperatures and even humidity quite well.

Gloss-look - Colored anodized aluminum valve tags have a characteristic “metallic” look.

Anodization changes the aluminum substrate at the molecular level. It is an electrochemical process where aluminum is treated to develop an exceptionally durable finish. Anodizing aluminum creates a surface that is three times harder than standard aluminum. Anodized tags will not chip, peel, or flake and have an extremely long life span. Because the anodization process is controlled oxidation of the aluminum, the product will never rust, develop patina, or weather. Increased wear resistance means a longer life cycle. The anodized surface is very hard, preserving and extending the life of the aluminum valve tags.

Blank tags can be used for stamping or engraving your own data on the spot. Anodized Aluminum Blanks and Tags are used in various industrial settings like - 

  • - Aerospace
  • - Energy
  • - Military
  • - Medical
  • - Manufacturing
  • - Marine Environment
  • - Warehouses

These tags are used for marking and identifying not just valves but assets, equipment, tools, machinery, and more.

Looking for Aluminum Valve Tags?
Looking for Aluminum Valve Tags?
Best-in-class anodized aluminum tags are resistant to corrosion, heat, and pitting.