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Steel Stamp Kits

Make a great first impression. Order C.H. Hanson standard steel stamps to put a mark on a variety of surfaces, from wood and plastic to leather and brass. Quality, crowned surface leaves a perfect imprint. Great for locksmiths, blacksmiths, and plumbers.

• This stamping equipment is also useful if you're crafting and need stamps for woodworking, marking jewelry, embossing leather, or making invitations.

Steel stamp sets are packaged in a durable, plastic or steel storage container, so your stamps will arrive in great condition.

• The full type kit includes a holder, steel stamp selection, and blank spaces, all in a C.H. Hanson professional wooden box.

arrow right Type Kit Sets

A 40-piece set, including A-Z, 0-9, a dash, and 3 blank spacers. Insert stamps into the type holder to mark initials, codes, or a whole phrase at once.
Type Kit Set with Holder and Steel Stamps
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40 Pieces Letter, Number, Dash And 3 Blank Spacers Set In Wooden Box

arrow right Steel Stamp Sets

Great for handheld use. Choose from number set (0-9), an alphabet set (A-Z and &), or a 36-piece combination set with letters and numbers.
Letters and Ampersand Standard Steel Hand Stamps Set
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27 pieces Letter Stamp Set
Letter and Number Hand Stamps Marking Tool Set
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36 Pieces Letter And Number Stamp Set
Number 0-9 Standard Steel Hand Stamps Tool Set
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9 Pieces Number Stamp Set