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  • Custom Tag Quoter

Custom Tag Quoter

Custom Tag Quoter
Need a quote? Get started with our custom tag quoter. We guarantee the best prices online and won't charge extra for artwork.

• Create your custom tags from our broad range of sizes and materials. Order a minimum of 1,000 custom cardstock tags.

• Our plastic material has a minimum of only 10 tags. When you need a few custom tags, our plastic materials offer the most affordable option.

• To compare prices for different materials, use our quoter on the right.

Paper and Tyvek Tag Quote
Paper and Tyvek Tag Quote
Compare prices for a range of cardstock tags. Get an online, no-obligation quote today.

arrow right Cardstock Tags – Manila, Colored, Fluorescent, Metal Rim and Multipart Manifold Tags

arrowfirst Custom Manila Tag Quoter

• This is the classic – and remains our perennial top seller.

• It’s strong, easy to write on – and affordable.

• Instantly price out attachment options - including wires, stringing and different eyelets. Tags may be numbered and a perforated tear-off stub may be requested as well.

arrowfirst Custom Colored Tag Quoter

• Choose from 12 different colors. It’s easy to color code.

• The tag can be printed on either (or both) sides.

• Quick options include stringing, wires, numbering, perforations, and more.

arrowfirst Custom Fluorescent Tag Quoter

• No tag gets seen faster! Make sure that your tag is not ignored.

• Choose from four “hot fluorescent” colors.

• Quick check off your eyelet, size, numbering, perforation and wiring options.

arrowfirst Custom Kraft Paper Tag Quoter

• Eco-friendly tags made from 100% recycled cardboard.

• Brown kraft paper gives your company an environmentally conscious look while staying trendy.

• Choose from a range of tag options including attachments, numbering, and different ink colors.

arrowfirst Custom Manifold Tag Quoter

• Order with one or more paper tear-off copies. Each paper copy is glued onto the base tag material. Below each paper layer is a NCR layer. This allows your writing to transfer to each layer of the tag, including the base tag material.

• Tags can be sequentially numbered with the number being stamped onto all layers within the tag.

arrowfirst Custom Perforated Tag Quoter

• Create a tag with a handy tear-off stub.

• Each tag (and accompanying stub) can be uniquely numbered. This makes it easy to track batches, repairs, inventory, etc.

• Order perforated tags in 7 different sizes and over 18 different colors.

arrowfirst Custom Metal Rim Tag Quoter

• Customers love our tags for a durable and distinctive merchandise tagging.

• Print on one or two sides.

• Metal rim tags provide the appealing pricing of a cardstock tag along with the durability of a metal tag.

arrowfirst Custom Price Tag Quoter

• Customize these merchandise tags to add a professional touch to your products and store.

• Available in 10 colors - match your decor or color code your inventory.

• Print your logo, along with your pricing info, to enhance your company brand!

arrow right Custom Plastic and Metal Tags - Durable

Order as few as 10 custom tags in our plastic and self-laminating tag materials.
arrowfirst Custom Plastic Tag Quoter

• Choose from three different plastic tag materials and four different sizes. Both eyelet and grommet options are available.

• All plastic tags can be printed on both sides – and in full color – at no extra charge.

• Order as few as 10 custom tags.

arrowfirst Custom Self-Laminating Tag Quoter

• Get a quote on our most durable custom tag material. These tags are field –writable. Once your writing is complete, seal it all in with the tag’s self-laminating flap.

• Tags are printed digitally. That means that you can print your tags in full color (and on both sides) for no extra cost.

arrowfirst Custom Tyvek Tag Quoter

• Flexible and tear-proof, custom Tyvek tags have a loyal following. The minimum order is 1,000 custom tags.

• Choose from ten different sizes and various attachment and eyelet options.