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OK to Ship Tags (4316)

OK to Ship Tags
If it's O.K. to Ship, let 'em know. Make your shipment and inventory program move at the pack of business with these bold-colored tags. You can color-code your shipping system with these tags, featuring bright colored backgrounds and customizable text. Available in a variety of materials, these convenient tags feature reinforced eyelets and a write-on surface. For easier on-the-go tagging, grab our unique Tag-in-A-Box tag dispenser set, letting you grab a tag without the mess of rolls and sheets. Easily store or take a tag from this handy dispenser. For more information about each tag design, click on a template below.
  • • Multi-part tags are carbonless. Your writing is transferred, without carbon, to the cardstock tag itself and to the second paper copy. The paper copies can be snapped off the tag, once you have finished your writing.
  • • Write on this tag with a pencil, pen or marker.
  • • Color code your inventory tags for fast checking of parts.

OK to Ship Tags (98504)

Inventory Tag - Standard OK (3 part)
Ok Tag
Approved For Shipment Plastic Inspection Tags
Approved For Shipment Tag
Ok For Shipment Production Control Tag
Ok For Shipment Tag
OK For Shipment Inspection Tag-in-a-Box with Fiber Patch
OK For Shipment Tag with Fiber Patch
Custom OK to Ship Label [add name/logo]
OK to Ship [add your name or logo]
Custom OK to Ship Label [add name/logo]
OK to Ship Tag [Add Your Name Or Logo]