Forklift Lockout Tags (68515)

Forklift Lockout Tags
Our Forklift Lockout Tags clearly and concisely indicate forklifts that are defective or in need of repair through the use of eye-catching signal words and vividly bold text.
  • • Pros love our Forklift Tag Holders. It’s easy to change forklift inspection status! When a valid inspection tag is inserted into the holder’s pocket, the forklift is ready for use. If not, the holder has a default “do not use” message.
  • • We offer the strongest grommet on the market. Make sure that your tags are not torn off – thereby jeopardizing your forklift lockout program.
  • • Our forklift lockout covers provide the ultimate in lockout control. Covers block anyone from steering or operating the forklift.
Forklift Inspection Tags
Forklift Inspection Tags
Is the inspection current? Give operatiors a checklist to make sure that all systems “are a go”.

Forklift Lockout Tags - Best Sellers (68516)

Forklift Tags with Tag Holder Pouch (68932)

Forklift Status Tag Holder
Danger - Do Not Use Forklift Inspection Tag Required
12" x 4.5" (h x w)
Do Not Use Forklift, Inspection Required Tag Holder
Danger - Do Not Use Forklift, Inspection Tag Required
10" x 3.5" (h x w)