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Engraved Tags: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are engraved tags?


Engraved tags are marking devices where the text is etched or engraved on the surface with a machine such as a laser engraving tool. These tags are suitable for various purposes and don’t run the risk of any detail getting faded or becoming illegible.

Q. Are engraved tags better than printed tags?


Printed tags are usually more cost-efficient and suitable for a broader range of applications than engraved tags. Customization may also be easier and readily doable with the printed format, and one may create these tags on their own from scratch. On the other hand, engraved tags often require special equipment/material but prove to be more durable and permanent. These exude a classier appeal and the text is easier to read without any chance of ink bleeds, fades, or smudges.

Q. Which are better — engraved metal tags or engraved plastic tags?


Both metal and plastic engraved tags have their advantages. Engraved metal tags tend to be more durable and can withstand extreme environments. Engraved plastic tags offer a great variety in colors and are more economical and suitable for indoor applications. Your choice of the right material for your engraved tags shall depend on the purpose, application and conditions, desired durability, cost, and other such factors.

Q. Is DIY engraving possible on tags?


Yes, it is. Tags made of soft metal, often aluminum, can be engraved without using any special equipment. Our engravable blank metal tags let you add your text on the tag with just a pen or a pencil. Made of annealed aluminum, these tags have a dead-soft surface receptive to pen and pencil markings. It creates engraved text that can be read even after the ink fades away. You may find more information about these tags here.

Q. Is there a difference between engraved tags and debossed tags?


Yes, there is. Engraved tags are mostly created with the help of a laser to get a design or text etched on a hard surface. On the other hand, debossed tags are usually made of soft metal that can be easily indented. Annealed aluminum is often the preferred choice for creating debossed tags while anodized aluminum, brass, and plastic materials are used for engraved tags.

Q. What are engraved tags used for?


Engraved tags find application in a variety of industries and settings. Given their versatility, plastic engraved tags are often used to identify machines and equipment, valves, cables, control panels, and more. Due to their promising durability, metal engraved tags prove rather useful in commercial, industrial, aerospace, and military settings. These work great for asset identification, marking valves, panels, products, and equipment, as well as signs in workplace settings. 

Additionally, engraved tags have many non-commercial, non-industrial applications and are commonly used as pet tags, trophy tags, gift tags, etc. 

Looking for Engraved Tags?
Looking for Engraved Tags?
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