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Pick from Huge Collection of Colored Tags

We provide you with a wide collection of colored tags at Xpress Tags. You will find inventory colored tags, inspection colored tags and almost every kind of colored tag with us. We are tag specialists and have millions of colored tags in our stock. You can choose colored tags from eleven different vibrant and attractive colors. We have a huge collection of all kind of tags including plastic colored tags, self laminating tags, lockout tags, repair tags, metal tags, and others.

Plastic Colored tags

We also have plastic color tags that are blank. Since they are made from plastic, these colored tags are highly durable. You can write on these tags easily with a pen or marker. It is hard to tear them. These tags come in two sizes. We also provide round color tags.

Fluorescent Color Tags

More colored tags available with us are fluorescent color tags. They are made from high quality materials, and wires or strings can be easily attached to them. The color options available in fluorescent color tags are green, orange, pink, red, and yellow. The advantage of using fluorescent color tags is that they offer higher visibility. The fluorescent color tags are quite efficient and are available at economical prices.

Blank Colored Tags

These are pre-numbered tags that facilitate tracking inventory and equipment. These fluorescent tags get noticed 75% sooner than standard tags! The lower portion of the tag is perforated, so that you may easily remove the stub. Blank color tags are sold in packs of 100 and are pre-strung for ease of attachment. The colors options are:

  • Dark blue colored tag
  • Dark green colored tag
  • Grey colored tag
  • Lavender colored tag
  • Light Blue colored tag
  • Light green colored tag
  • Orange colored tag
  • Pink colored tag
  • Red colored tag
  • White colored tag
  • Yellow colored tag

Why to buy color tags from us?

There are many reasons that make us the best in providing various colored tags. Have a look:

  • We use high quality material in making all kind of colored tags.
  • We also provide companion items with colored tags like wires and strings.
  • Economical prices offered by us are hard to find at any other tags and labels store.
  • We have the largest inventory of tags in our stock therefore orders placed are delivered soon.
  • Also check out the Quick Quote option available to find out the prices. We are sure you cannot get better quality than ours at such economical prices as we offer. The quality of our products is unbeatable.