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Custom Paper Tags

Custom Paper Tags - Design your own Paper Tags
It’s easy to order custom paper tags. Upload your own design or, for simple designs, use one of our templates. To get a quick preview of prices, use our Instant Quoter.

• Materials include manila tags, colored paper tags and hard-to-miss fluorescent paper tags.

• Options include strings, wires, elastic, numbering, perforations... and many more!

• Custom paper tags can be printed on one or both sides.

• For orders using your custom art, you may fax or email a sketch to us. Our art team will provide a no-charge and no-obligation proof to you overnight.

Instant Quoter
Instant Quoter
Choose your paper tag material, answer a few quick questions and get a quote.

Use Your Design - Single Sided Paper Tags

Upload your own design or send us a rough sketch. There is no charge for art! Use these links for a tag that is printed in one color on one side. This is our most common custom tag configuration.
Heavy Weight Cardstock Turbo Tags
Zoom Personalize
Fast 2 Day Turnaround
Custom Manila Tags
Zoom Personalize
Manila (One side print)
Custom Colored Tags
Zoom Personalize
Colored (One side print)
Custom Fluorescent Paper Tags
Zoom Personalize
Fluorescent (One side print)
Custom Perforated Tags
Zoom Personalize
Perforated (One side print)

Use Your Design - Two Sided Tags

Order a tag with printing on both sides. Click on these choices to order a tag that uses your own design. You may upload your art or ask our team to create (at no charge) a professional proof for you.
Custom Manila Tags, 2-Side Printed
Zoom Personalize
Manila (Two side print)
Custom Colored Tags, 2-Side Printed
Zoom Personalize
Colored (Two side print)
Custom Fluorescent Paper Tags, 2-Side Printed
Zoom Personalize
Fluorescent (Two Sided)
Custom Perforated Tags, 2-Side Printed
Zoom Personalize
Perforated (Two side print)

Get an Instant Quote for Your Custom Paper Tag

Click on the type of paper tag that you want. You’ll then be able to pick a size, accessories and printing options. It takes just a few seconds and we will immediately give you a quote. Note that all prices include delivery - shipping is free.
Manila Tag Quoter
Zoom Personalize
Colored Tag Quoter
Zoom Personalize
All Sizes
Fluorescent Paper Tag Quoter
Zoom Personalize
All Sizes
Manifold Tag Quoter
Zoom Personalize

Choose a Template for Your Custom Paper Tags

Click on one of the template types below, choose a particular design and add your own text. It's easy to make your own professional paper tag.
 Text Style

• Simple text based design. Choose from sizes #1 to #12. Variety of materials choices including fluorescent tags!

 Form Style

• Form style tags have text with rules to enter information at the time of use of tag. Many sizes and material choices available.

 Table Style

• Table style tags have column heads that can be personalized by you. Select from a choice of designs.

 Numbered Tags with Tear-Off Stub

• Tags have sequential numbers on the tag as well as on the tear-off stub. Tags are available in a range of sizes and materials.

 Custom Turbo Tags

• Cardstock tags when you need them fast - 2 Day Turnaround Time

• Order as few as 100 tags!

 Custom Inspection Tags

• A wide range of templates to fit any inspection needs.

• Choose different color tags to help easily identify important tasks.

 Custom Repair Tags

• Notify your employees repair is needed with custom repair tags.

• Tear off tags allow you to keep all your pending repairs organized.

 Custom Door Hangers

• Customize a door hanger with your company information.

• Choose Blank or Printable Hangers to add your own presonalized message.

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