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We supply millions of tags each year to the largest retailers. But buying from us directly saves you money. Find out how.

Most Affordable Plastic Tags on the Web

Web's Most Affordable Plastic Tags
Pre-wired tags make it easy to color-code your stuff.

Custom Plastic Door Knob Tags

Custom Plastic Door Hanger Tags
Order as few as 12 custom door hangers. Add a photo or a logo to heavy-duty plastic tags.

Print Your Own Tags!

Print Tags Yourself!
Order laser printable tags. Then, design and print them at your home or office.
Learn from Our Tag Expert
Our sucess story.
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Manila? Vinyl? Tyvek? Self-Laminating?
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Let’s count the ways. Find 8 quick reasons why our tags excel.
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We specialize in a variety of tags, from affordable paper for shipping tags to sturdy aluminum for marking industrial valves.

• Browse through our huge inventory of tags by department. Or use our universal search bar at the top to find any tag you need.

• Get an instant quote and compare prices to find the best option for you.

• Choose custom or stock tags, available in a range of materials.

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Best Selling Tag Categories

 Manila Tags

• 10 point thick tags with a hole.

 Colored Tags

• 12 different colors.

 Tyvek Tags

• Tough, weather-resistant tags.

 Colored Price Tags

• Say no to boring tags!

 Retail Tags

• Strung and unstrung tags offered!

 Plastic Tags

• Water, tear-proof. Outlasts cardstock.

 Valve Tags

• Sturdy and pull-proof.

 Sale Price Tags

• Draw attention to merchandise.

 Garment Tags

• Available in 11 colors.

 Jewelry Tags

• Offered with silk-like strings.

 Fluorescent Tags

• Brightest tags on the web!

 Metal Rim Tags

• Offered with aluminum rims.

 Weatherproof Self-Laminating

• Protect your handwritten text.

 Printed T-Box
• Customers love the convenience of...
 Laser Printable Tags

• Design online for FREE!

 Metal Tags
 Inspection Tags

• Tags determine inspection status.

 Fire Extinguisher

• Metal punch out tags or state tags!

 Blank Tags

• Vinyl and cardstock tags.


• Pull, tear, and go!

 Toe Tags

• Aids in morgue identification.

 Shipping Tags

• Pull-proof attachment options.

 Repair Tags

• For stores, equipment, forklifts!

 Self-Locking Tags

• Write, tag, and lock.

 Inventory Tags

• Makes recordkeeping easy.

 Gas Cylinder Tags

• Full, in-service, or empty?

 Scaffold Inspection

• Laminate protects details.

 Tag Accessories

• Strings, wires, and ties.

Top Selling Custom Tags

Click on any of these top selling custom tag materials. But, we offer even more! Click here to see our full range of custom tag materials.
 Custom Paper Tags

• Can be printed on both sides.

 Custom Plastic Tags

• Vinyl, Tyvek, & self-laminating.

 Custom Tyvek Tags

• Minimum order for 1,000 tags.

 Custom Tag Templates

• Choose a template and start designing.

 Custom Fire Extinguisher Tags

• Add specific text & company details!

 Custom Tag Quoter

• Get instant price quote.

 Custom Red Tags

• Add to templates or upload own design.

 Custom Repair Tags

• Pre-strung tags with sequence, tear-off stubs.

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