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Accepted Inspection Tags

Accepted Inspection tags make quick work of identifying approved items
Save time and money by making your inventory process a breeze. Our low-cost Accepted tags help you count your inventory items on the shelf. Bold colors and clear lettering make it easy to identify the appropriate items, and our durable cardstock makes these tags last for years to come. Complete with a fiber-reinforced hole patch, your color-coded tags are ready to be attached to your inventory! Take advantage of an incredible value to dramatically improve your inventory system.

• Paper tags are durable and economical.

• Tags are ready for smudge-proof writing, so you can clearly read valuable inventory details as long as your tags last.

• You can color code your inventory for even faster organization and identification.

QA Approved Tags
QA Approved Tags
Each tag design is crafted to grab attention, with bright colors and blank spaces to fill in your own detailed information.

Accepted Tags (Vinyl)

Accept Self-Laminating Tags
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Accept Plastic Tags, Vinyl Inspection Tag
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Accepted Production Control Tag
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Accepted Tags (Bulk Pack, Cardstock)

Custom Accepted Tag [add your name or logo]
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Inventory Tag - Standard OK (3 part)
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As low as 29¢ a tag!

Accepted Tags (Tag-in-a-Box)

Accepted Tag in fluorescent green with Fiber Patch
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O.K. to Use Inspection Tag-in-a-Box with Fiber Patch
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Q.A. Approved Inspection Tag-in-a-Box with Fiber Patch
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