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Custom Tags - Paper, Plastic, Tyvek, Metal Tags and More!

Options are good! No other site offers such a wide range of custom tags that are as affordable as ours.

NO artwork charges for your personalized tags. NO hidden plate charges.

• Get free shipping for orders over $25.

• Low minimums. Order as few as 10 custom tags.

• Dozens of materials suitable for every budget- paper, vinyl, brass, Tyvek, and more!
To begin creating your custom tags, you may either start with a quote and then upload your or describe your art to us. Or, if you have a simpler design, use one of our tag templates. Just add your own text.

Most Popular Custom Tags

 Custom Paper Tags

• Get instant quote on affordable, customizable paper cardstock tags.

• All art and shipping is free!

 Custom Turbo Tags

• Cardstock tags when you need them fast - 2 Day Turnaround Time

• Order as few as 100 tags!

 Durable Custom Plastic Tags

• Tough, 30-mil thick vinyl tags are easy to customize.

• Different color options offered.

 Custom Tyvek Tags

• Lightweight, tear-proof tags are ideal for outdoor application.

• Minimum order is for 1000 Tyvek tags.

 Custom Manifold Tags

• Choose 2 or 3-part tags for record keeping.

• Online quote is available. No waiting!

 Custom Self-Laminating Tags

• Create your tag design at no extra cost.

• Seal in message with adhesive clear flap.

 Custom Perforated Tags

• Tags are made from heavy duty cardstock and can be written on with a pen, pencil or marker.

 Custom Engraved Tags

• For control panels, shelving or equipment ID.

• Lightweight, durable- ideal for outdoor use too.

 Custom Fire Extinguisher Tags

• Find templates for each state.

• Add your logo and service address. No cost for artwork.

 Custom Inspection Tags

• Add text, color, and more at no extra cost.

• Get Tag-in-a-Box dispenser for quick application.

 Custom Red Tags

• Tags with colored borders- 7 colors.

• Create 5S red tag designs at no extra cost.

 Custom Repair Tag

• Two-part tags feature tear-off stubs for record keeping.

• No extra cost for customization.

 Custom Metal Tags

• Find various thickness & material options.

• Order adhesive tags with barcodes & sequential numbers at no extra cost.

 Custom Garment and Sales Tags

• Choose from templates or send us your tag designs.

• No extra charges for customization.

 Custom Brass Luggage Tags

• Customizing your own luggage tag is easy and fun.

• Find all sizes and a range of popular designs.

 Custom Brass Key Chain Tags

• Add any detail of your choice at no extra cost.

• Get single or double-sided print.

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