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  • Millions of Colored Tags in Stock

Colored Tags

Colored Tags | Blank Colored Tags
  Millions of Colored Tags in Stock

• We specialize in tags - particularly Colored Tags. With the largest selection of colors, materials and options in the industry, it is easy to understand why we have sold, literally, billions of tags!

• Out best selling blank colored tags are shown below. These are cardstock tags. Wires or stringing can be added. Do you need more durability, a bright fluorescent tag or a custom colored tag? Click here: Fluorescent Cardstock Tags

• These are 13 point thick colored cardstock tags. Most sizes are available in all 11 different colors.

Fluorescent Tags
Fluorescent Tags
Get instantly noticeable tags for your inventory and equipment.
 Tag Sizes
The tags are available in the following sizes. Click on a tag to select size.