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C.H. Hanson Type Kit Set With Box, Holder And Stamps: 40 Pieces Letter, Number, Dash And 3 Blank Spacers Set In Wooden Box  (ST-2004) Learn More...

Part# ST-2004

Product Description

Use a 40-piece set to emboss names, serial numbers, or product codes. In 4 character sizes. Easily insert characters into the type holder to make a detailed message at once.

  • Includes type holder, steel stamps (A-Z, 0-9, dash) and 3 blank spacers.
  • Holder has a foolproof spring pin to hold notched type.
  • Great for stamping on animal hide, hard and soft wood, plastic, or most metals like aluminum and brass.
  • Packaged in a professional wooden box.
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  • Type Kit with Holder & Steel Stamps
  • 1/16" Character Kit
  • 1/8" Character Kit
  • 3/16" Character Kit
  • 1/4" Character Kit
1/16" Character Kit
Durable, reusable stamps come packed in a storage container. Sep 28
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  • Made from high-carbon steel, our stamps are treated with intense heat (tempered) to increase the hardness and durability.
  • The crowned striking surface focuses the momentum of each impact to the center of the stamp, preventing indecipherable misprints.
  • The long textured shank allows for a firm easy grip that is essential in hammer-struck applications.
  • Stamps resist chipping and mushrooming which commonly occurs from being struck frequently.
  • Type holders are made of heat-treated shock alloy steel with a locking bar that ensures the type is inserted correctly.
  • California residents: WARNING for Proposition 65
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