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Job Ticket Holders: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are job tickets?


Job tickets are documents that contain the details specific to a particular job to be performed. Also known as work orders, job orders, and work tickets, these may be internal or external to an organization and may revolve around repairs, maintenance, new order, order fulfillment, and so on.

For instance, a customer order job ticket may contain details such as the product name, the number of units ordered, particulars such as size, color, material etc., estimated delivery date, any specific customer requests like custom modifications, preferred shipping mode, and so on.

Similarly, a job ticket about an equipment repair request may describe the equipment in question, the problem, any materials required to fix the problem, details of the person/department who shall be responsible for the ticket, etc.

Q. Are job tickets necessary?

Job tickets are usually governed by organization/department policies and procedures and may or may not be necessary. However, these are helpful tools for organizing and structuring work processes and tasks and prevent unnecessary back and forths. This limits the chances of errors and misses, significantly improves operational efficiency, defines clear responsibility and authority, and saves time and money.

Q. What are job ticket holders?


Job ticket holders are clear envelopes used to hold job ticket sheets or documents. These keep job tickets safe and prevent them from getting replaced, torn, or spoilt. These holders may also store reference documents, product information sheets, inventory records, etc., to ensure safe handling and ready availability.

Q. Why are job ticket holders used?


Job ticket holders protect and preserve important documents such as work orders, production schedules, inventory cards, and more. A job or shop ticket holder safeguards documents against excessive handling, wear and tear, and environmental agents such as water, oil, etc.

Q. When should job ticket holders be used?

Job ticket holders should be used wherever job tickets and tasks are involved, especially when these will be carried out by several people or are based in areas with high chances of spills and splashes. When a task involves the contribution of several parties, job ticket holders may be strategically placed or hung in designated places and can serve as a quick access tool to monitor progress. They help prevent mistakes and ensure better coordination, thereby leading to a faster turnaround time.
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Looking for Job Ticket Holders?
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