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Blank Self Laminating Tags: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does self-laminating mean?

Self-laminating refers to lamination without the need for any special laminating equipment. Self-lamination uses clear laminating sheets that usually have an adhesive backing to stick to the item to be laminated.

Q. Why is it important to laminate tags?


Lamination increases the durability of tags and makes them strong enough to withstand frequent use. Laminated tags are protected from fingerprints, stains, marks, tears, moisture, oil, grease, dirt, etc. Such contaminants can be easily wiped off the laminate. 

Additionally, laminated tags command a better, more professional appearance than their non-laminated counterparts. These also save you the hassle and cost of reprinting and significantly extend the life of both single-use and reusable tags. 

Q. Are self-laminating tags effective?


Self-laminating tags are rather effective, especially in demanding environments. These are a cost-efficient, quick, and easy way to protect the tags from weather, spills and splashes, and abuse. Self-lamination permanently encases the information on the tag, thereby preventing any possible alterations.

Q. Where can blank self-laminating tags be used?


Blank self-laminating tags may be used just about anywhere since these give you the freedom to customize your tags with the text of your choice and protect it from environmental elements with lamination. You may use these to communicate safety messages, operational instructions, identity markers, ownership, and more. Ease of use and versatility make blank self-laminating tags perfect for use in workplaces, warehouses, shops, etc., as well as to mark luggage and other belongings.

Q. What are the advantages of using colored self-laminating tags?


Colored self-laminating tags give you the benefits of blank tags with the added advantage of distinct colors that you may use to establish a color-coding system for better organization. You may use these tags as visual communicators to create an operational flow, set in place a priority-based sequence, communicate status-specific information, and more.

Q. Where can I find self-laminating luggage tags?


We offer a variety of self-laminating tags that you may use as luggage markers as well. These make perfect self-laminating luggage tags, available in vinyl and plastic materials and a range of colors and sizes. You may write on these with a pen, pencil, or a marker or even get your text printed and then apply the lamination film for protection and longevity. Each tag comes with a metal eyelet that provides added tear-resistance and promises quick and easy attachment with strings or wires.

Looking for Blank Self Laminating Tags?
Looking for Blank Self Laminating Tags?
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