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Shipping Tags

We’ve simplified the ordering process of Shipping Tags . Get started with standard Manila or colored tags below. Choose tag material, size, and quality from the convenient drop down menu. Order with attached wires or strings for your convenience.

• Our fiber patches are 20% bigger than most competitive products, and have double the pull strength of ordinary paper shipping tags.
• We don't shave the thickness of our tags. Our American-made tags are a true 10 pt or 13 pt size.
• If you need something brighter, go for our fluorescent tags. These can't be missed even in the most cluttered setting.
Manila Shipping Tags

• Economical

• Compare pricing

• Order with wires or strings

• 24-hour shipments

Manila Shipping Tags
To Order Manila Tags:

Complete Product List:

Economical 10pt Manila Tags

Blank Manila Tags

Colored Shipping Tags

• Hard to miss

• Order with wires or strings

• Get up to 10 sizes and 11 colors

• Sold in packs of 1000

Colored and Fluorescent Tags
To Order Colored Tags:
Pack (1000 tags/pack)

Complete Product List:

Colored Tags

Fluorescent Tags


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