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13-Pt Cardstock Manila Perforated Tag: Non-Conforming Tag With Fiber Patch (TG-0789) Learn More...

Part# TG-0789
Color Red
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Tag any part of a product or item that does not match up to safety or any other production requirements to avoid any defective material from being shipped, consumed or processed.

  • Tag surface is receptive to pen, pencil, or permanent marker.
  • 3/16" hole with reinforced fiber patch enhances the pull strength of the tag.
  • Comes with a perforated tear off receipt for easy identification and cataloging.
  • Sequentially numbered in two locations for quick access and retrieval.
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Quantity / Price (Per Pack)
  • 5.75" x 2.875"
  • Cardstock & Tyvek
  • Preprinted Manila 13pt
Preprinted Manila 13pt
Dec 7
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  • Industry standard.
  • Made of 13pt paper Manila-colored cardstock.
  • Tag is preprinted using a letterpress with flexographic inks.
  • Not recommended for outdoors.
  • Fiber reinforcing patch is included.
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Size:5.75" x 2.875"
Material:Preprinted Manila 13pt
100 Tags/Pack
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Per Pack
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