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Debossable Fire Extinguisher Inspection Labels

Professional Debossable Inspection Labels & Tags Help Keep a Handy Record of Each Inspection.
With our unique Debossable Inspection Labels, your inspection notes are debossed into the surface, and always readable. These are some of our most durable tags-- our heavy-duty label is made with 20 millimeters thick aluminum. Be sure your fire extinguisher will work well in an emergency with a handy record of each inspection. Don't be caught with a faulty fire extinguisher or emergency device - stay on top of inspections with this convenient tag.

• Mark the tag with a permanent pen or punch out the date of the inspection.

• Rounded corners add a professional look for your workplace or establishment.

• Keep track of each periodic inspection. Tag notes the date and the initials of the inspector.

• Order a pack of our tag wires for easy hanging.

arrow right Debossable Inspection Adhesive Labels

Permanent adhesive is already applied to these labels.
Fire Extinguisher Inspection Labels
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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record Label
4-Year Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Label
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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels, 2019 - 2022

arrow right Heavy Duty Metal Inspection Tags

Holes punched to easily attach tags with wire, strings or ties.
Fire Extinguisher 4-Year Maintenance Tag
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Fire Extinguisher 4-Year Maintenance Tag, 10-Pack,...

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