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Product Description

With the largest selection of colors, materials and options in the industry, it is easy to understand why we have sold, literally, billions of colored tags!

Out best selling blank colored cardstock tags are shown below. Wires or stringing can be added.

Do you need more colors? Check out our bright Fluorescent Tags or Custom Colored Tags to create your own message.

Colored tags are 13 pt thick with the exception of white, which is 12 pt, and kraft, which is 11 pt.

Most sizes are available in 12 different colors.

For more information, visit our - Colored Tags FAQs

1Choose Tag Size: Size #5 (4¾" x 2-3/8")
2 Tag Color: Recycled Kraft
3 Tag Attachment: No Attachment
4Select Pack and Material: 1000 Tags (per pack)
Tags with Holes only. No Attachment.
The surface material is receptive to inks. Oct 21
(hover for more details)
  • Made of 100% recycled cardboard.
  • Made of 11pt kraft paper cardstock.
  • Fiber patch with 1/4" diameter hole.
  • Tags come with no attachment, string or wire options.
5 Choose Quantity:
Size: Size #5 (4¾" x 2-3/8")
Color: Recycled_Kraft
Attachment: No Attachment
Material: Tags with Holes only. No Attachment.
Qty. Per Pack 1000 Tags
Per Pack: $30.74
Total Price: $30.74
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the material of your colored tags?


We make our colored tags using cardstock. Most of these tags are 13pt thick. There are also 12pt thick white tags and 11pt thick kraft tags made of 100% recycled cardboard.

Q. Do you provide attachments with colored tags?


We offer colored tags both with and without attachments. The option is visible on the product page and you may choose between loop strings and metal wires. Alternatively, you may order tag attachments separately from our Tag Accessories section.

Q. How are loop strings different from metal wires?


Loop strings are made of cotton while metal strings are made of stainless steel to withstand harsher environments. Where loop strings are more suitable for retail purposes, metal strings are perfect for attaching tags to heavy machinery and equipment.

Q. I want tags in mixed colors. Will I have to place separate orders for each color?


Depending on the quantity you need, you may either place separate orders or order our ‘Rainbow Mix’ that contains tags in all different colors. Order without or with metal wire attachment. 

Q. Are your colored tags durable?


Yes, they are. Our colored tags are made of durable cardstock material and come with a reinforced fiber patch eyelet that is 1/4" in diameter. These don’t tear easily and can be conveniently attached with the help of wires or strings. Watch this quick colored tags video for more information.

Q. Do you have tags in fluorescent colors?


Of course, we do! Available in a range of sizes and five attractive colors, our fluorescent tags are sure attention grabbers. These are made of 13pt thick cardstock and available with and without attachments.

Q. Is it possible to alter the number of colored tags per pack?


Our colored tags come in a pack of 1000 pieces. While you may not be able to modify this on the product page, you may reach out to our customer service team at 800 952 1457 or [email protected] and they’ll be able to assist you further.

Q. Do you accept returns on tags?


You may be able to return the order of your tags if we receive the return request within 60 days of receipt. Please note that the product to be returned should be a stock product that is undamaged and unused. We do not accept returns of custom products, international orders, or returns made more than 60 days after delivery. 

Your return may be subject to a restocking fee and a service charge depending on the order amount.

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Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Sep 24, 2021

White Cardstock Tag #6 : Blank Tag With Fiber Patch
Part #: T358-6-WH 5.25" x 2.625" Colored 13pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase

Great for crafts

I have used these tags for a few years. Happy I can get them in quantity and like the longer size. I use them in craft projects.
Man User Icon
Aug 09, 2021

Yellow Cardstock Tag #5 : Blank Tag With Fiber Patch
Part #: T358-5-YL 4.75" x 2.375" Colored 13pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase

Great service

Excellent product as usual.
Woman User Icon
Jul 30, 2021

White Cardstock Tag #2 : Blank Tag With Fiber Patch
Part #: T358-2-WH 3.25" x 1.625" Colored 13pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase

White key tags

Great little tags, good quality.
Man User Icon
Jul 28, 2021

White Cardstock Tag #3 : Blank Tag With String
Part #: T358-3-S-WH 3.75" x 1.875" Colored 13pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase


Just what I needed!
Man User Icon
Jun 11, 2021

Red Cardstock Tag #10 : Blank Tag With Wire
Part #: T358-10-W-RD 7.25" x 3.625" Colored 13pt Cardstock Tag   Verified Purchase

Perfect product

perfect for my needs, thank you