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Sold Tags

Sold Tags
Let 'em know your item is Sold. Our uniquely printed Sold Tags make it easy to record the information you need, on the spot. With spaces for customer information and delivery specifications, you eliminate the need for additional paperwork. Use these tags on hangers, or use a string to hang them directly on your products. Choose from our Sold Tag designs that stand out on your sales floor, so your customers can see what's flying off your shelves.

• These tags feature a small slit that slides over a clothes hanger, or attaches to furniture over a knob or post.

• Tags feature a fiber-reinforced eyelet for hanging.

• Write on your Sold Tags with a pen, pencil or permanent marker.

• Each design is built from durable, economical cardstock - a great choice for your sales floor.

Sold Tags (66520)
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Sold w/slit, red stock, black ink
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Sold w/slit, red stock, black ink, No String
Sold w/slit, white stock, No String Tag
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Sold w/slit, white stock, red ink, No String

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