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Wire Marker Card: Electrical Labels, Wire Marker Cards, YELLOW (WM-CLR-YELLOW)

Product Description

  • Wire Marker Cards are portable for every day use.
  • Made with rubber based adhesive, stickers stick to even curved or bumpy surfaces. Labels are repositionable and in most cases can be easily removed to replace the label.
  • Vinyl cloth fabric labels comply with the industry standard for numbers and letters.
  • Brightly colored labels can't be missed. Colors allow you to mark each wire differently or in multiple ways.
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  • 0.25" x 1.5"
  • Removable
  • Vinyl Cloth Label
Vinyl Cloth Label
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  • These vinyl cloth fabric labels comply with the industry standard for numbers and letters. Made from cotton cloth impregnated with vinyl. Acrylic fabric is coated with permanent pressure sensitive rubber based adhesive.
  • Rubber based adhesive sticks to curved or bumpy surfaces. Labels are conformable for layovers and grooves and are repositionable. In most cases, you can remove the label after a few years to apply a new label.
  • This material is not pencil writable. Use a pen to indicate your due dates, signature, etc. Labels are for indoor use only.
  • Screen printed for extra durability. The polyester strands inside the label give it strength.
  • Numbers and letters are sold individually, in kits, and in convenient card or book format.
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Size:0.25" x 1.5"
Material: Vinyl Cloth Label
10 Cards/Pack
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