Rework tags and Repair tags

Features of a good Repair Tag/ Rework tag

  • A stub that can be handed over to the customer.
  • Numbering to keep track of each part that requires rework or repair.
  • A durable string to fasten the tags.
  • A tag manufactured from high quality material.

At Xpress Tags, you can find Rework tags Or Repair Tags with all the listed features. We are confident of meeting your rework tags/repair tags needs. But in case you are unable to find a tag that meet your needs you can go for custom design option with exact text you need. For further details, please email us.

At Xpress tags, you can find:

  • Repair/ Rework Tags for Stores:

    You can order from our existing template or design your Custom Rework/Repair tag. Ideal for Garments and Alterations.
  • Repair /Rework Tags in Small Packs for Industry:

    We offer five designs in this Repair/ Rework tags category. You can find tags in varying colors and sizes. These tags are made of 13 pt cardstock with a fiber reinforced patch for strength. They are durable indoors. For outside use, order the optional vinyl tag holders.
  • Ultimate Repair tag:

    Self-Laminating Tag with text “REPAIR REQUIRED” is our "Ultimate" Repair Tag! Extra large, fluorescent tag is hard to miss. Make sure that faulty equipment is not accidentally used.

Quality Control Rework Tags and Signs

We offer various Quality Control Rework Tags and Other QC signs. Quality Control Rework Signs helps to reinforce your Quality Program. These signs are easy to apply as they stick to almost any surface. These signs are screen printed for extra durability. They are made from Heavy Duty Plastic or Vinyl Adhesive and come in 2 sizes 10" x 14" and 7" x 10". Find more about Quality Control rework tags and signs.

Inventory Rework tags

Inventory rework tags help you to mark inventory clearly to know if they need rework. You can create paper copies for the office or files. Multi-part tags are carbonless. Your writing is transferred, without carbon, to the cardstock tag itself and to the second paper copy. The paper copies can be snapped off the tag, once you have finished your writing. These rework tags have easy to fill form and a fiber patch for extra reinforcement. With these, you can color code your inventory tags for fast checking of parts. We offer 1- 2- and 3-part tags. Bulk packs are also available.

An Exclusive Store for Rework Tags

www.xpresstags.com is an exclusive store of tags. We sell millions of tags each year and have many years of experience in offering affordable, superior quality tags. We believe in offering high quality. We also offer customized tags for the customers who want to print special design on the tags.