REWORK Inventory Tags, 3-Part

Inventory Tag - Colored 3.125 x 6.25 - Rework (3 part)

Package : 100 Tags/Pack • Price per Pack
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Pack
Quantity  :
Package: 100 Tags/Pack
[ Pack = Tags total]
Product Description
Effortlessly mark material or parts to be reworked. You can create paper copies for the office or files with a three-park REWORK tag.

• You can color-code your inventory tags for faster inventory checks.

• Multi-part tags are carbonless. Your writing is transfered, without carbon, to the cardstock tag itself. The paper copy can be snapped off the tag, once you have finished your writing

• Easy to fill-out form has all of the fields that you need.

• Write on this tag with a pencil, pen or marker.

• Fiber patch for extra reinforcement.

• Tags are pre-numbered (we select starting number).

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