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Aluminum Tags: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does dead-soft metal mean?


Dead soft metal is a type of soft metal in a relaxed state at the molecular level. It is relatively easy to shape without much resistance. It can be easily hammered, bent, and curved, and hence, are ideal for making debossable aluminum tags and labels.

Q. What is annealed aluminum?


Annealed aluminum is aluminum that has undergone a type of heat treatment known as annealing. Aimed at changing the physical and chemical properties of a material, annealing involves heating aluminum close to its melting point and then letting it slowly cool down. This reduces the hardness of aluminum by softening its crystalline structure and makes it more malleable. Annealed aluminum is fairly strong yet easily workable and often finds application in making tags, labels, nameplates, and more.

Q. Are aluminum tags better than plastic tags?


Both aluminum tags and plastic tags have their own advantages. Where aluminum tags are more durable and can withstand extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors, plastic tags are a more affordable option and work well indoors. Your choice of the right tag material will depend on factors such as purpose, application, environment, and budget.

We offer both plastic tags and aluminum tags in a range of designs and sizes. Custom options are also available.

Q. How do write-on aluminum tags work?


Write-on aluminum tags are hand engravable and made using annealed aluminum over a heavy cardstock core. You may use a pen or pencil to deboss your message on the tags permanently. Once created, the message is indelible even if the ink fades.

Q. Why is aluminum used for making marking tags?


Aluminum is fairly easy to work with and customize, and hence makes a popular choice for making durable and economical tags. It is lighter than stainless steel and brass, less expensive to produce, and useful in many different ways and forms. Aluminum marking tags are perfect for use with tools and equipment and as inspection and inventory records.

Looking for Aluminum Tags?
Looking for Aluminum Tags?
We've got you covered. Try our exclusive range of debossable soft tags.
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