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Colored Tags: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are colored tags?


Colored tags are a type of label attached to equipment and products to provide important information and ensure compliance with any applicable standards. These find application in various industries and operations such as manufacturing, merchandising, electronics, repairs, inspections, etc., and can provide information ranging from product specifications, pricing, and usage guidelines to warnings and hazards, ownership, grievance channel, and more.

Q. In what ways can colored tags be used?


Colored tags may be used in a number of ways. While attaching these to tools and equipment to provide usage-specific and inspection-related information qualifies as perhaps the most standard or obvious use, there are other ways to make the most of these marking devices. 

Colored tags facilitate asset identification and form a crucial element of an inventory control system. These also serve as effective visual communication tools in setups like production lines by communicating status information from one station to the next. 

Retailers may use these as crucial value additions by expanding their use from merely conveying product information and price to maybe doubling up like a coupon code, collectible, or even a gift tag or a thank you card!

Q. How can businesses use colored tags for inventory management/workspace organization?


Available in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes, colored tags can contribute significantly towards a well-organized workspace and simplifying inventory management. Since these tags contain product information, they make segregation easier and quicker. Specifying each color a certain meaning makes for efficient visual communication and significantly reduces response time and errors. 

For instance, colored tags may be used in a warehouse to identify order status or mark the newness/freshness of stocked products. Putting in place a process to change these tags to a new color every few days can contribute significantly towards saving time, wastage, and money. Businesses may also use color-coding to identify specific product types, inventory locations, and so on.

Tags can also help in tracking inventory with the use of barcodes/universal product codes. These codes make replacing manual inventory tracking with automated tracking possible, which saves time and facilitates better reporting with no/minimal mistakes.

Q. When are colored tags a better option than regular white or Manila tags?


Colored tags may work better than white or Manila tags when the intent is to grab attention, such as when you want to convey safety-specific information or other details that your staff/customers must not miss. These tags are also preferable when you want your products to stand out or when you have to use more than one tag and want to achieve a clear distinction. Additionally, if you use tags for organization, colored tags may be the ones to go for.

Q. How to choose the right size of tags as per application


The size of the tag will depend on multiple factors such as the product/tool it will be used with, the intention behind using the tag, the amount of information to be conveyed, and more. Larger size tags work when the idea is to attract attention or when there is a lot of information to be provided. Smaller tags work with items like jewelry or as markers intended for asset identification and organization.

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