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  • We know you've seen these tags at every retailer — from Wal-Mart to the corner gas station — and we’ve sold billions of tags. Why us? We offer the broadest range in the industry, with unlimited uses, from color-coded tags with strings for marking a factory's small parts, to key ring tags for auto dealers. And, we offer the best prices. Just compare. If you want something a bit more personal, you can also order our custom printed metal rim tags.
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Our metal rim tags set the quality standard for the industry.
 Tag Color
Size #2 (1" dia.)   Tags are available in the following colors:
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 Price List
To order your tag, select size and color of tag and enter quantity. Click 'Add to Cart' when done.
Arrow First ImageMetal Rim Tags with Strings Pre-Attached.Metal Rim Tags with Strings Pre-Attached. Image
          Price per Pack   Order
  Part # Tag Size Tag Color Package 1 2 3 5 12 24   Quantity
  T380-2-S-WH #2 (1" circle) tagcolor_r_White Image  White 500 Tags/Pack $59.94 $58.89 $57.83 $56.26 $54.15 $53.10   Pack
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need large palm-sized tags, which size should I order?

The average size of a human palm is around 3 inches (The widest part of your palm is the size of the palm). You can, therefore, order a Size #8 tag that measures 2⅞ inches in height or a Size #9 tag that is 3¼ inches in height.

Q. In multicolor fluorescent tags, will there be more than one color on each tag?


No. The tags will be in one color only. However, the box you will receive will contain tags in four different fluorescent colors, i.e., Fluorescent Green, Red, Pink, and Yellow. A pack of 1000 tags will have 250 tags in each of these colors. That is why they are called “Multicolor Fluorescent Tags.” Multicolor tags are only offered in Size #5.

Q. What is the pack size of price tags?

All of our price tags come in a pack of 1000 tags.

Q. What is the material of these price merchandise tags?

Price Tags are made of durable 12-point (0.012 inches) cardstock. This is the most common cardstock thickness used in the industry. Fluorescent Colored Tags are heftier as they are 13-point (0.013 inches) thick. We also offer price tags made up of 11-point (0.011 inches) thick recycled kraft paper cardstock. This material is made from a blend of post-consumer recycled cardboard, making it an eco-friendly product.

Q. What is the size of the hole offered in Price Tags?

The diameter of the circular eyelet or hole on the tag measures ⅛ inches. The hole is located at the top center of the portrait hangtag. The size is suitable for use with common tagging guns, fine cotton string or twine, very thin ribbon, etc.

Q. What is the attachment option with these price tags?


Price tags come with or without strings attached. Pre-attached strings are made of cotton. These strings are 4 inches long in tag sizes #1 to #7, while they are 5½ inches long in size #8 and size #9.

On the other hand, in tags that are not pre-strung, we offer you to buy a bundle of 1000 white strings, each measuring 12 inches long at an additional price.

Q. What is the best way to attach tags without strings?

You can use a tagging gun to attach tags to merchandise. A tagging gun has plastic fasteners that directly attach the price tag to the merchandise in a quick and easy manner. The fasteners can be automatically pushed in and fastened with one click of the gun. Tags are suitable to use with fine twine or very thin ribbon also.

Q. Is it possible to order a pack of 500 Yellow and 500 Red tags?

No. All of these price tags come in a pack of 1000. You will have to order one pack of yellow tags (that contains 1000 pieces) and another pack of red tags (also containing 1000 pieces) to have both colors. For any specific needs, feel free to call our customer services team.

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Sep 27, 2021

White Metal Rim Tag #3 : Circular Blank Key Tag Small Pack...
Part #: T378-3-R-WH-50 1.25" x 1.25" Metal Rim Tags   Verified Purchase

Great service and fast shipping

The product is as described and shipping was ultra fast.
Woman User Icon
Sep 23, 2021

White Metal Rim Tag #4 : Circular Blank Key Tag With String
Part #: T380-4-S-WH 1.5625" x 1.5625" Metal Rim Tags   Verified Purchase

Five star company!!!

Fantastic company to deal with!!! Great prices and the shipping times are so quick!!!
Man User Icon
Sep 14, 2021

White Metal Rim Tag #4 : Circular Blank Key Tag Small Pack...
Part #: T380-4-SP-WH 1.5625" x 1.5625" Metal Rim Tags   Verified Purchase

Good and Fast

Man User Icon
Sep 14, 2021

White Metal Rim Tag #6 : Circular Blank Key Tag Small Pack...
Part #: T380-6-SP-WH 2.25" x 2.25" Metal Rim Tags   Verified Purchase

metal rimmed rags

They are nice Round metal rimmed tags. What more can be said?
Woman User Icon
Aug 24, 2021

White Metal Rim Tag #3 : Circular Blank Key Tag
Part #: T380-3-H-WH 1.25" x 1.25" Metal Rim Tags   Verified Purchase

exactly as expected

Used these to label embroidery thread spindles. After days of sorting colors by shade, tint and hue, want to maintain the organization. Used these to label the space and color on the over 500 spools of machine embroidery thread. Easier to choose coordinating colors and clean up. No point in organizing if you can't maintain it. Perhaps this is not what you would use these tags for, but perfect for my need.